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With the rising energy demand and climate change,the need for efficient use of fossil fuels and renewable energies has increased substantially. Hence the right choice of systems and energy extraction tools are needed to increase the efficiency while keeping the costs low.

This is where NMES comes into picture, in order to consult and design the systems needed to attain such efficiency on energy extraction while also supplying them in the fastest possible time at lowest possible price.

Our number one priority in our business is our client's satisfaction. Hence all our staffs have been trained in such a way that they deliver quality work in fastest possible time.

Any project in any size and quantity is important to us as we treat them all with the same priority.

Expertise & Services

Oil & Gas Solutions
Downhole - Drilling - Industrial - Lifting and Handling Production - Supply Chain - Tubular and Corrosion Control - Well Service and Completion

Power & Electricity Solutions
Energy Storage - Fuel Cells - Generators - Power Transmitions - Turbines

Renewable Energy
Biofuels - Geothermal Plants - Hydro Power - Photovoltaics - Solar Thermal - Wind Turbines

Machinery Solutions
Compressors - Cranes - Engines - Pump

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